Why did we change our brand name and logo?

RossoAutomobili new name for FerrariPhotoPage

Changing FerrariPhotoPage to RossoAutomobili was not the easiest decision. Mainly because FerrariPhotoPage is settled as one of the biggest Ferrari platforms, so why did we changed it?

Why did you changed the name?
Although FerrariPhotoPage – or ”FPP” – grew out to a very known name in the ”Instagram car-scene”, it’s not a very exciting name. With the combination of revealing so much cool stuff in the near future, I decided to change it into a more elegant name. At the end of the day, the cars created by Ferrari are very elegant as well.

What does RossoAutomobili stand for?
RossoAutomobili is Italian for ”red cars”. It describes the whole history, heritage and core business of Ferrari in just two words quite well. As you all know Enzo Ferrari started racing in 1920 in a red Alfa Romeo. On top of that, Rosso Corsa (red) is the Italian racing colour, just like British Racing Green for the UK and Blue de France for, you guessed it, France.

FerrariPhotoPage new name

Photo by @EirikH90

Did you forget to change the website?

No, we are working hard on our new website so we will start using the RossoAutomobili domain the moment that’s finished.

What about the logo?

Big thanks goes out to my good friend Anthony Belardo, founder of Belardo Strada. I got in touch with him around two months ago and told him I needed a new logo for this new website. We discussed a bit and we both agreed it had to contain a recognizable Ferrari and of course a camera. Those are the two things most important for RossoAutomobili and easily recognizable. I started drawing and designing and I came up these drafts.

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The final outcome is in our opinion very unique and original. It defines what RossoAutomobili stands for: Storytelling Ferrari content since 2014.
FerrariPhotoPage new logo

What do you think?
Let us know on Instagram what you think of the new name. We would highly appreciate it if you could share our story post with your followers as well. There are so much more cool things slowly rolling out of this new step in the history of FerrariPhotoPage RossoAutomobili. And as always, thank you for the continued support!FerrariPhotoPage new logo

Photo by @JoshBlue1

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