This guy is living the Ferrari dream!

Taking delivery of a new Ferrari has just been taken to a whole other level!

British car collector Jon Hunt isn’t your average Ferrari owner. Back in 2014, he brought his four iconic Ferrari hypercars to collect a LaFerrari in Maranello. Three years later, he did the same but outdid himself. To be precise, Hunt recently brought 7 of the most wanted Ferrari supercars to join the special occasion of taking delivery of a Giallo Triplo Strato LaFerrari Aperta in Maranello. Hunt clearly doesn’t care about high mileage on his exclusive cars due the fact it took the group around 14 hours to cover 1.400 kilometres (870 miles). Hunt parked his precious belongings for a little photoshoot in front Enzo’s old office at the Pista di Fiorano when he received the keys of his latest addition.

The cars attending this insane experience were his 288 GTO and 288 GTO Evoluzione, the legendary F40 and F40 LM, the extremely rare F50, his beloved Enzo Ferrari and of course his LaFerrari! Events like this give us capitalistic urges…

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We were aware of the fact some Ferrari owner was taking delivery of a LaFerrari Aperta in Maranello, but it really caught our attention when pictures started to appear on Instagram. It got even more interesting when a good friend of ours – Joseph (@JK.Automotive) – teased us with photos from the Monte Carlo Casino square shown above.

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