These are our top three Ferrari moments of 2017!

2017… what a year: 13 different Ferrari experiences in total, variating from the classics such as the 365 GT 2+2 and F40 to the modern ones like the F12tdf, 458 Speciale and California T. My time in London was fascinating, I met amazing people who I now can call my friends.

But. There’s a lot of other Ferrari stuff that happened this year. Me and my writers Ruud and Maxim composed randomly ordered top three lists of our favorite Ferrari moments of 2017. Ruud is mainly focused on the WEC and Maxim is a massive F1 fan. My list will be about my favorite Ferrari experiences of 2017. Let’s go!

Top three Ferrari moments by Ruud
We’ll start with Ruud. Ruud joined FerrariPhotoPage in February. Although being a fairly young guy his English is surprisingly good and I hope you all noticed it in all the articles he’s writing!

Blancpain GT Series Endurance Cup Monza
After a long winter with no races the Blancpain GT Series Endurance Cup was my first race I attended in 2017. It was the first time I witnessed a race at the famous “Temple of Speed”, an amazing experience. One of the best things about endurance racing is that you can watch the race from every place on the track. That is what I did. Seeing cars constantly go through corners like “Ascari”, “Curva Grande” and “Parabolica” is amazing. To make it even better, I somehow managed to get underneath the podium! A perfect day I will never forget.

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70 years of Ferrari celebration in Holland
When Ferrari announced that there would be 70 events in 70 countries all around the world to celebrate their birthday, I immediately looked up if there would be an event in Holland too. Luckily there was an event planned so I went there. I didn’t have too much expectations but when I turned up to the event located in the “green heart” of Holland, it appeared to be a huge gathering of Ferrari’s. A LaFerrari Aperta was shown to the public in front of a beautiful castle and on the parking there were cars like an F12tdf, LaFerrari, GTC4Lusso, California T, 488 Spider, GTC4Lusso T and some classics like the F40, 250 GT Pininfarina Cabriolet and a Daytona. Beautiful cars in a beautiful setting, the best birthday party I’ve been to!

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24h Spa
The mighty GT race has always been a race I wanted to visit. This year was the first time I went to the circuit during the 24h race and I’m sure it won’t be the last one! The weekend kicked off very well with the Kaspersky 488 GT3 Ferrari on pole and the other Ferrari’s in good positions to fight for the win. It turned out to be a bitter race for the Ferrari’s in the pro class. The Kaspersky car was leading almost the whole race until 6:00 am. Raffaele Marciello in the Mercedes just turned into the 488 GT3 and at the next corner Cioci in the Ferrari couldn’t steer anymore and went into the barriers. Ferrari managed to win in the Am class and still had some champagne to spray. For me it was amazing to see the cars race into the night and out of it and the cars getting dirtier every lap. To make it an even
better weekend Ferrari had a one-two in Hungary at the F1 race. A great end to the first half of the season!

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Top three Ferrari moments by Maxim
Next up is Maxim. He joined in July after I was looking for a new writer to take care of all the F1 related articles. His passion for Ferrari is huge and it’s notable in every conversation you have with this guy!

Corse Clienti and F1 Clienti at Spa Francorchamps
Corse Clienti is the exclusive club of the most wealthy Ferrari owners, these men and women own the Ferrari 599XX (Evo), the Ferrari FXX (Evo) and the FXX K. The most extreme Ferrari’s in existence. These models are illegal to drive on the road so Ferrari organises a number of trackdays around the world. In 2017, they came to my favourite track, Spa Francorchamps. This day was on my agenda since Finali Mondiali 2016 and my excitement was reaching immature levels on the way. The trackday is not public and spectators are not welcome, so I was opposed by a wall of security when I tried to get to the paddock. The bar above the pits was open, and that was the weak point. Long story short, I managed to sneak my way down the stairs and into the pits. I quickly took some phone pics and posted them on my Instagram story, the Ferrari crew was friendly and assumed I had a pass, so I calmed down and walked through the pits. The collection was incredible, some 333SP’s, a whole lot of FXX and FXXK, and many Formula 1 cars from the past years. I found my Instagram DM’s flooded with questions about how I got to the pits, but my path didn’t work anymore. After walking around and taking some camera pictures I left the pits and started walking around the track, the cars flying up Eau Rouge, the glowing red brakes before Les Combes and most of all the screaming engines made this my favourite Ferrari day of 2017.

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Concours d’Elegance Chantilly
This very underestimated Concours d’elegance in Chantilly (north of Paris) was the best surprise from 2016. So when Peter Auto announced they would be celebrating 70 years Ferrari in 2017, I knew I was going again. I have become more and more interested in classics over the past years but they’re much harder to find at events. Chantilly is different, the icons on this lawn are the absolute best. Some of the highlights were a 250 SWB, 250 GT California, not one but two 250 GTO models. One from 1962 and one from 1964. Ferrari F40 LM, 512S. My personal favourite Ferrari, the 250 LM. And arguably the most impressive was the actual 1958 Le Mans winning Ferrari Testa Rossa driven by Belgian Olivier Gendebien and American Phil Hill. The car won Best of Show. The many other Ferraris and the exceptional weather made this event one of the best of this year.

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Formula 1 at Spa
This last-minute decision sent me off to my first F1 race visit, at magnificent Spa of course. This track is the favourite of many drivers and the GP takes place after the summer break. The last race was a Ferrari 1-2 in Hungary so I was very optimistic. The F1 experience feels a bit mixed. This series is the very top of motorsport. Nothing is faster and more famous, and it is very impressive to see. But a ticket for sunday cost me more than a full week at the 24 hours of Spa. Don’t get me wrong, the day was filled with epic moments. Mick Schumacher driving his dad’s 1994 world championship winning car, for example. I witnessed a heavy crash in the F2 race (look up Matsushita F2 Spa crash) which gave a strange sick feeling, luckily the driver wasn’t hurt. The GP was very entertaining, close racing into Raidillon and Les Combes, the sadness of Max Verstappen retiring and the controversial incident between the two Force India drivers. The F1 Grand Prix was one of my highlights of the year, however I feel it is a one-time experience and I won’t attend next year. I have never seen Spa this busy, you can barely move and if you want a good spot to watch you need to be there early or pay for a silver or gold ticket. As a fan-friendly experience Formula 1 has a long way to go, but this 2017 visit really was worth it.

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Top three Ferrari moments by Max
Time for my own top three. This year has overwhelmed me by the people I met and the generosity they showed towards me. 2017 was a great start to bigger things evolving in 2018.

Three dream cars in one day
Spending time with three of my dream cars in a time span of just three hours has to be in this list. @tipozerofourzero picked me up from a train station in North London with his F12tdf. The car was first revealed at the Finali Mondiali in 2015. I remember seeing videos of Kimi Räikkönen doing donuts on the track and all I could listen to was that perfect V12 sound. After a quick highway blast and a shoot in a local park, Tipo dropped me off to get the next car and after a 5 minute wait I could hear something coming. It was his F40! I got in and we instantly drove to the highway. It’s a very low sit but the view from the side mirror is worth millions. One thing I needed to experience in the F40 was its famous turbo lag. When the engine reached the right temperature and we had a fair amount of empty highway in front of us, Tipo put his foot down. There was a relatively small acceleration but at 3,500 rpm the turbo kicked in and it felt like we were taking off. The F40 is undoubtedly the grandfather of modern supercars with its advanced technology and unbeatable design. Next up was the F50. I wasn’t as fascinated by the F50 as the F40 before experiencing it, but I really wanted to get a ride in one. The design and engine of the car are so undervalued by most car enthusiasts without any valid reasons. We went for a drive on the local highway and it was quite empty at some point so Tipo floored it and it was the best thing ever. The V12 in the back was also used in the 1990 F1 car and you can feel and hear that. I really want to thank Tipo for organizing the day, it wasn’t the easiest task to get all the cars ready for a quick drive. He’s a crazy Ferrari passionate guy who loves sharing his passion with others. Even Instagram liked him because they gave him a blue tick before they gave me one… All jokes aside, he’s a great guy and more people should be like him. Check out his Instagram page over here.

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My first real circuit experience
When I met up with @slowrabit1 in London in late August he arranged two rides for me. One in his 599 HGTE GTB and one in his 430 Scuderia. I don’t think I could think of two Ferraris that are so far off from each other. While the 599 is a grand tourer you can take on long roadtrips the 430 is a real racing car, made legal to drive on the road. We discussed the cars a lot and he eventually invited me to join him on a track day on Spa-Francorchamps in October to really put the Scuderia through its paces. I brought two friends to help me create a video about the day and both had not been in a Ferrari before. I don’t think there’s a better way to experience a Ferrari for the first time than on a track, the environment where Enzo started his company. The Scuderia on track is a beautiful thing, it’s in perfect balance and has an insane amount of grip using Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires. At some point we reached a speed of around 270 km/h (168 mph) but what surprised me even more is its stopping power by the Brembo brakes. It’s utterly absurd! As I said before we made a video of the day which you can watch over here:

Collaborations with Real Art On Wheels
It was early August when I first met Bodie Hage from Real Art On Wheels. He has a temporary pop-up dealership in the most expensive street of The Netherlands: the P.C. Hooftstraat. Real Art On Wheels is mostly focused on classics and he has some great ones for sale. Our first project was the manual 360 Modena video- and photoshoot. You can watch the video over here. After this shoot I started appreciating manual cars even more just because of the mechanical side of it. It’s funny how tourists and others react when they see a Ferrari in the pouring rain, it makes you realize everyone is actually a car enthusiast. Real Art On Wheels is a fairly young and unknown business, but were going to try to change that in 2018 by creating notable content with some of the coolest Ferraris around. The second photoshoot with Real Art On Wheels was a bit Christmas related. We took the 575M Maranello out for a quick spin around Alphen a/d Rijn. We ended up in an underground parking garage taking pictures of the car including some Christmas presents. Bodie is an amazingly passionate guy who likes to create cool and crazy content, just like me.

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2017 has been an unforgettable year. We all learned a lot which we’re going to use in 2018 to be even better and create more and unique content. Thanks for all your support and we want to wish you a Ferrari-filled happy new year!

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