Singapore GP: A dark race in the Singapore night

Another painful Grand Prix for Scuderia Ferrari as both Kimi and Sebastian didn’t complete a single lap in the spectacular night race in Singapore.

Saturday, happy times.
After a disappointing free practice Ferrari seemed to be off the pace, Red Bull proved the fastest setup on the twisty track with a first position for Max Verstappen. But in qualifying with the sun long gone the Ferraris suddenly showed great lap times. That’s actually an understatement, because Sebastian Vettel was the fastest man around the long Singapore circuit! Verstappen started second, Ricciardo third, Raïkkonen in P4.

Sunday, sad times.
I can’t really think of a good way to write about this race, so I’ll just describe what happened in the 10 seconds Ferrari was on track today. The lights went out and Kimi had a great launch off the grid, he was immediately next to Verstappen and looking to pass, Vettel could see Verstappen in his mirrors and moved to the left. There was no room for 2 cars so Kimi and Max collided, Kimi’s nose damaging Vettel’s car in the process. Kimi and Max ended in the wall at turn 1. Seb spun out few seconds later. Race over.

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What makes the DNF even more painful, is that this was the race where Vettel would retake the lead in the championship. Hamilton started in P5 and was already leading in turn 2.

So who’s fault is it? Officially, it’s a racing incident as no penalties were given. Kimi wanted to pass Max. Seb moved to defend against Max and couldn’t see Kimi, Verstappen had nowhere to go. You can’t possibly blame this on Max. It’s no surprise that he didn’t lift the pedal, he wanted to win this race and he’s known for taking risks.
I think it’s best to just forget about this one and look ahead, the Malaysia GP, which isn’t exactly known for being dry…

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