Meet Ruud Gloudemans | Writer

Tell a bit about yourself
Hello, I’m Ruud Gloudemans. I’m from the Netherlands and I’m still in grammar school. My dream job would be to work for Scuderia Ferrari as an engineer.

How did you got into cars?
I’ve grown up with cars. My dad always loved Ferrari and we went to both Maranello and Modena to visit the museums. I always had a great time. Later on I started to collect toy cars from Ferrari.

Why do you like Ferrari so much?
As I said my dad always loved Ferrari. When I was eight years old I got more and more into Ferrari. I went to races with my dad and visited Maranello a lot. And since then Ferrari has been my passion. I also really like the history behind the company from Maranello. It still is a great company with lots of passion for cars and that makes Ferrari really special for me.

Why did you join FerrariPhotoPage?
When I got Instagram, I started following a lot of car accounts. Three days after I started doing Instagram I saw FerrariPhotoPage and I immediately followed the account. A few weeks after, I started talking with Max. I already saw he posted nice pictures of all kinds of Ferrari’s. And now we have a conversation about Ferrari almost every day. I saw he knew a lot about Ferrari and when he started his website I gave some advice about the cars he talked about. And now I’m a writer for the website and a member of team FerrariPhotoPage.