Lightweight LaFerrari incoming!

Lamborghini owner @LamborghiniKS posted an interesting photo on Instagram the other day.  It showcases the three LaFerrari variants, the normal one, the FXXK and the LaFerrari Aperta. The lower picture is of a LaFerrari under covers which refers to a lightweight version of the car. According to Kris Singh, Ferrari already begun with contacting future owners. It’s most likely being sold-out by the time the car has been unveiled. Like Ferrari standards, there’s little information known about this project. All […]

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Will this 250 GTO be the most expensive to date?

This blue Ferrari 250 GTO from 1962 is currently the world’s highest-valued car. British Ferrari specialist Talacrest is asking £45 million! Everyone knows most classic Ferraris will trade hands for a ridiculous amount of money. John Collins, owner of Talacrest always wanted to sell a 250 GTO. So when this one came around he had to get it. ‘’I’ve been looking for a 250 GTO for a while now and the opportunity came with this one!’’ said Collins. Most 250 […]

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