Mysterious 488 GTB spotted at the Ring!

Our good friend Wilco Blok spotted an all taped up 488 GTB driving around at the Nürburgring in Germany. Rumour has it, it might be the early testing mule for the 488 ‘’Speciale’’ which should be coming out at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show.

Another rumour about this car that’s going around is that it could be a modern version of the classic Dino. This means it’ll most likely feature a V6 engine. I personally think we need to wait just a couple of years before this could actually happen. Ferrari could even bring out a limited edition of the modern Dino. Who knows?

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For now, let’s assume the spotted 488 GTB will be the successor of the 458 Speciale. This means it will have more than 660 bhp (the power output of the 488 GTB), it will be a lot lighter and more (adjustable) aerodynamic parts. To handle all the power Ferrari will obviously mount bigger brakes and a stiffer suspension to get the real race feeling. Don’t except it to be useable as a daily driver. Just like its successors (458 Speciale, 430 Scuderia, etc.) it will feature a stripped out interior.

There are also rumours that the car will have a KERS system similar to the one in the LaFerrari and in the F1 cars. The KERS system will provide the engine a little electric boost when it’s fully loaded. Visual changes are hard to see due the amount of protection, but they should definitely be present, just like previous V8-hardcore versions. Curious on how the car sounds? Watch the video below!

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