Meet Max Lammers | Founder

Tell a bit about yourself!
Hi, I’m Max Lammers and currently studying journalism in Utrecht. My absolute dream job would be to work for an automotive magazine like Top Gear.

How did you got into cars?
I’ve always loved cars and starting collecting toy cars from a young age. When me and my dad started visiting more and more car events I eventually knew what my passion would be!

Why do you like Ferrari so much?
My passion for Ferrari started around 5 years ago when I attended an Italia a Zandvoort event overloaded with Ferraris. Around that time, I also begun with photographing cars. At some point I could even recognize cars by their sounds. When I got more interested in Ferrari I found out their heritage and the way Enzo Ferrari built his company. And.. there’s nothing better than a natural aspirated Ferrari V12!

Why did you start FerrariPhotoPage?
I started the Instagram account to be different than general ones. Back then, most car related pages were all about making money through promotions and I wanted to change that. It will sound cheesy, but in the summer of 2014 I woke up in the middle of the night and created an Instagram account named @FerrariPhotoPage. The next morning I quickly set up a bio, designed a logo and posted some pictures. The account started growing a few months later. It’s currently the biggest Dutch and one of the world’s biggest Ferrari Instagram pages.