Meet Justin Schmöller | Photographer

Tell a bit about yourself!
I’m Justin Schmöller and I’m an automotive photographer and car spotter based in Zürich, Switzerland. I would love to have a job associated with Ferrari or cars in general in the future.

How did you got into cars?
Probably through my father, because he has been collecting small Ferrari model cars, he’s been a big Ferrari fan in general. Also when I started using Instagram, I noticed the pictures of all the cars being spotted (around 2013) and that pushed me to go spotting myself.

Why do you like Ferrari so much?
Probably also influenced by my father, I always had a strong love for Ferrari, and since I started spotting, the cars always looked perfect to me, the sound of the cars also made me like the brand so much more. There’s no other brand that is as special to me as Ferrari.

Why did you joined FerrariPhotoPage?
Max was looking for people to cover the 70th anniversary Ferrari events all over the world, so I found interest in writing for FerrariPhotoPage, even though I won’t attend the events. He was liking the idea of me covering the ‘Photos’ tab, as I work with pictures a lot, and I mostly don’t miss out on any special Ferrari being spotted anywhere on the world. It also is a great opportunity to share my passion and knowledge about Ferrari to people, that actually are interested in the brand.