Is Ferrari building an SUV or not?

Ferrari has always rejected building an SUV but in today’s market it’s impossible to ignore the success of selling a ‘’Sports Utility Vehicle’’. CEO Sergio Marchionne cleared some rumours in a 90-minute phone call with investors.

Marchionne told Ferrari is looking at building a crossover that would fit in the current range of cars and more important, would fit in the history of the brand. ‘’Ferrari has been known historically to be able to redefine and define segments of the auto space.’

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One of the biggest questions Ferrari are asking themselves is how the new SUV will be different from the GTC4Lusso. It’s obviously going to sit higher, but why would someone who can afford a Ferrari pick the SUV instead of the GTC4? To make the SUV more drivable it’s going to need a downsized engine, preferably a V8. Ferrari might develop the turbocharged V8 from the GTC4Lusso T, but who knows? They might even use the same engine as in the Maserati Levante.

To reach Sergio Marchionne’s main goals of building 10.000 cars a year, Ferrari needs a bestseller. Since loads of other luxury car makers are introducing a SUV this is the way to go.

Other plans and ideas of what the next 5 year will bring are presented in early 2018!

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