This is the hardcore 488 “Speciale” !

The hardcore 488 GTB has been caught in the wild by Autoweek reader Hanjo Van Heiningen. This is our first look at the new Ferrari without any camouflage. The reveal is expected at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show.

Hardcore variants are hot, there is no doubting that. As soon as a new model is revealed, petrolheads immediately start thinking about the hardcore track-focused variant. The Mclaren 720S? People start discussing the 720LT. The newest Porsche 911? Nice, but what would the GT3RS be like?
Lamborghini Huracan? The Performante is far more desirable.

Things are similar at Ferrari, the 360 Modena is a great car, but not as iconic as the 360 Challenge Stradale. The F430 is nice, but you get really excited about the 430 Scuderia. And even the almost perfect in every way 458 Italia is topped by the stunning 458 Speciale. So when the 488 GTB launched, we started dreaming what could be possible if Ferrari cut some weight and added some power. And that is exactly what we see here for the first time.
This 488 is expected to have over 700hp and lose unnecessary weight, which will allow us to experience the 488 in its purest form. The public presentation is expected at the Geneva Motor Show, on March 8th. If you wish to order yours, I suggest calling your dealership today, as production will be limited.

The model will be powered by a 3.9L twin-turbo V8, possibly with some sort of KERS system. It could have 4-wheel steering, but nothing is confirmed. We can see some aerodynamic innovations on the front bumper, and on the bonnet, but the overall styling will remain the same as the 488 GTB. Expect the downforce to be significantly increased for track use, but there won’t be an ugly spoiler on the back. More technical details are coming.

The last thing to think about is the name. If we look at the previous hardcore V8 models, Scuderia and Speciale, this will probably wear a different name in the same trend.
We consider the addition “GTO” highly unlikely as these are extremely special letters in the Ferrari history, and the 488 is not the top model in the range.
We will have to wait and be surprised by Ferrari.

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UPDATE: spy pictures from the test mule!

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Ferrariphotopage will be at the Geneva Motor Show, so keep an eye on our Instagram!

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