This is the Ferrari SF71H ! [F1 2018 preview]

The 2018 Formula 1 World Championship contender has been revealed today in Maranello. It is called the Scuderia Ferrari 71 Hybrid. Let’s look forward to the upcoming season.

The new Ferrari F1 is an evolution of the 2017 car, this means technical changes are limited. The car has a 1.6L V6 and MGU-H hybrid system working together to deliver maximum power at all times. The limit this year is set on 3 units, so reliability is becoming even more important. The mimimum weight is set at 733kg, most other technical stuff is secret.

The most striking visual change is obviously the halo. Love it or hate it, it will be on all the cars this season. Ferrari has opted for a red halo, which makes it less obvious and less ugly. Kimi Raïkkönen commented “It’s not that big a difference, you get used to it.”

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Another controversial novelty is the exclusion of grid girls, Liberty media has stated the practice “does not resonate with our brand values and clearly is at odds with modern day societal norms.” Fans, journalists and grid girls have outed many negative reactions to this decision, saying it belongs to the sport and is not sexist at all.
Instead, the GP grid will now be open to a few lucky kids who can meet their favourite drivers and racing team.

This season introduces the return of the French GP, held at the popular Paul Ricard track in Le Castellet. A highly technical and modern complex, featuring a very long straight with a chicane in the middle. Germany also gets a Formula 1 race in Hockenheim. But we have to say goodbye to the Malaysia GP, this brings the total at 21 Grand Prix.

All cars will be using Pirelli tires this season, ranging from the new hypersoft to the superhard compound. But most races will use the medium/soft/supersoft tires.

The last thing to keep in mind: the races will start an hour and ten minutes later than usual, meaning the European races will start at 15:10 instead of the 14:00 time we’re all used to. The positive side is you can sleep longer for the season start in Melbourne, on the 25th of March. A little over a month to go!

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