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There’s nothing quite like a classic V12 Ferrari!

When introduced in 1967, the Ferrari 365 GT 2+2 was the most luxurious car you could get from Maranello. Both power steering and air-conditioning where standard. Same counts for the electric windows and the interior lights. We had the opportunity to shoot our first YouTube video with this unique car. I have never met someone who’s so full of passion about cars as René, the owner of the 365 GT 2+2. He talked us through his experience of owning a […]

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California vs. California T… from the passenger side!

Ferrari shocked the world back in 2008 when they revealed the California. Enthusiast were not happy with a front-V8 engine grand tourer and it was often referred as the women’s Ferrari. But, almost ten years later the California became a serious car and big competitor for the Porsche 911 and the Mercedes-Benz SL63 AMG. According to the stats the California T is a step up compared to the old California, but does it really live up to these expectations? I […]

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This guy is living the Ferrari dream!

Taking delivery of a new Ferrari has just been taken to a whole other level! Maranello British car collector Jon Hunt isn’t your average Ferrari owner. Back in 2014, he brought his four iconic Ferrari hypercars to collect a LaFerrari in Maranello. Three years later, he did the same but outdid himself. To be precise, Hunt recently brought 7 of the most wanted Ferrari supercars to join the special occasion of taking delivery of a Giallo Triplo Strato LaFerrari Aperta […]

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Is Ferrari building another one-off?

Some mysterious pictures were posted by @gregb.23 on Instagram lately… Check out the posts here, here and… here! Rumour has it that there’s quite a special car under the red cover. According to the pictures and captions Greg wrote, it’s a 458ish car with a naturally aspirated V12 placed behind the passengers. Last time Ferrari built a road-going-car like this was back in 1994 when they produced the last version of the Testarossa, the F512M. Ferrari might be interested in […]

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